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This web site allows first responders in Warren County New Jersey to register online with the Warren County Department of Public Safety. First responders include law enforcement personnel, emergency medical staff, firefighters, search and rescue team members, emergency management officials, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) members, RACES personnel, and municipal government officials that may respond to a disaster. At a participant's choosing, emails can also be sent to them regarding official news, information and announcements regarding emergency services in Warren County

The TAMI section of this website also allows members of agencies that participate in the Text Alert and Message Information (TAMI) system to receive alerts, advisories and announcements as text messages on their text enabled cell phones or pagers.

As a first responder, you should at register your name and agencies you belong to, along with your associated title in each agency. Do NOT register as a member of any agency you do not actively belong to, otherwise you may be removed and banned from the system.

You can also store other information here in one place so you can always access it over the web. This includes EMT or NJ State Firefighter ID numbers, training and certifications (skill sets), or personally owned resources (eg All Terrain Vehicle). This information can be useful when staffing for large disasters. For this reason, participants are encouraged to visit this site frequently to update their address and contact information and skills set.

Users of this web site must be first responders or hold public office, and actively serve in Warren County. To set up a user account, your email address is used as your user id and a personal password is required for security. Your information will only be made available to your agency head or training officer, county emergency management officials, telecommunicators and county training staff for official use only. It will not be provided to third party agencies, such as equipment or supply vendors or agencies that send out commercial announcements, advertisements or email.

The Fire Academy section of this website allows registered users to view course offerings and sign up online for them. In addition, register users can obtain transcripts and replacement certificates for all courses they signed up for online.

Remember, do NOT register as a member of any agency you do not actively belong to, otherwise you may be removed and banned from the system.